We are talking about digitization. Everything is transforming towards digital. Marketing promotions have also changed its face. In traditional marketing, we used to promote our product or services through the print media or Ads on television. But, the trend has changed, we are watching Ads on YouTube and other online media channels. The days are gone where companies or business can promote if they have a good marketing budget. Nowadays, even the startups and small business owners are promoting their brands. Business has a new meaning now. The usage of Internet, mobile apps and smartphones have changed the way of our lifestyle.

We are transforming towards digital, but still, there is a wide skill gap in this digital world. Companies are looking for highly skilled candidates for their digital marketing wing. So what’s there in store for me as a graduate or executive? Might be the question that hits your mind. The industry has a lot of opportunities in digital marketing. So, let us discuss “Digital Marketing as a career”.

You may be a graduate, post-graduate or an executive looking for a professional and challenging job to earn money and contribute something great to the marketing industry, Then “Digital Marketing” will surely enhance your career.

Digital marketing (DM) is a vast field and I can describe it as a tree with lot of branches, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content marketing, Mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, video marketing, Web Analytics, AdWords ( Search advertising, Display advertising, mobile advertising etc.). Each credit of DM has its specialty and each branch of digital marketing needs an adept marketer.

Companies are looking for adroit candidates in each of these streams. For small and medium business, most of them are opting for candidates with digital marketing certifications rather than only SEO. If I say it in simple terms about digital marketing as a career then Job market is booming, biggest budget, increased pay scales and more career choices you have.

Benefits of digital marketing

To list out the benefits of digital marketing can be, Earn more than your peers with an added skill to your resume, be an entrepreneur (work as a freelancer), build your personal brand, become an in-demand professional, be in the future of marketing and moreover you will be part of the new era of marketing.

Depending upon your qualification, experience, and certifications the salary gets varied. It is good to have basic knowledge of the complete digital marketing but specialization is important to have an early ROI. If you are planning to start your own business in digital marketing then I would suggest you go through each one of the streams of digital marketing and gain real-time experience on those.


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